Choosing to go Google

Staff and students at Lakeview School are successfully adopting a wide range of Google applications, as Tim Nelson explains. What got you started?  Last year, I read an article about a large college in Auckland that was using only open source products. This really struck a nerve with […]

What happens when your tech whiz leaves?

Principals need to build a sustainable e-learning model in their school that can cope with the vagaries of staff turnover, writes David Kinane. ICT knowledge and skills are assets and I’m always telling schools that they need to plan for e-learning sustainability. If they’re not properly planned for […]

New things to look out for in the world of IWBs

What’s new and improved with interactive whiteboards? Greg Adams went looking for answers at the 2nd NZ and Australia IWB Conference. Walking through the exhibitors’ stands, it’s not hard to come to the conclusion that every classroom should have an interactive whiteboard. In the right hands they put […]

Looking for a sign? Try going digital

Schools are increasingly looking to digital signage to improve communication with students, staff and parents. Here Greg Adams finds out more. With students, staff and parents being bombarded with a seemingly ever increasing flow of information, it’s little wonder that getting your message across can sometimes seem like […]

Focus your e-learning with digital cameras

Familiarity breeds contempt, so the saying goes. However, when it comes to technology in the classroom, familiarity can be your secret weapon for successful e-learning integration, writes David Kinane. In my role as an ICT facilitator in schools I often work with those who are unsure how using […]

Staying cybersafe in your classrooms

The Internet is not a naturally safe environment. From phishers to paedophiles, when kids go online they’re at risk. What’s being done to protect them? Lee Suckling investigates. For young people, cybersafety refers to the ways students can use the Internet in a safe and cautious manner. With […]

School finds success with ex-corporate computers

A policy of buying refurbished CANZ computers has helped Waiopehu College achieve its hardware goals, writes John MacGibbon. Waiopehu College, a 700-student secondary school in Levin, is well-equipped computing-wise, with better than one computer for every two students. Helping the school achieve this ratio has been a policy […]

Building the world’s largest student laptop scheme

Ten thousand new computers are introduced into NSW schools each week under the Australian state’s Digital Education Revolution plan to offer 1:1 laptop support in schools. Lee Suckling finds out more. The Digital Education Revolution policy in New South Wales is developing the world’s largest full 1:1 student […]

Any time, anywhere, any laptop

School Orewa College decided against an official student laptop programme. Instead, it’s encouraging students to bring in any laptop and connect wirelessly to the school’s network, explains Tony Zaloum. At Orewa College we firmly believe that if students have easy access to computers then the shape of teaching […]