Issue 43 – Term 4, Oct 2012

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Games can lead the fight against boring teachingEnglish teacher Edwin McRae is at war. He’s on a personal crusade to ‘battle forces of boring education’ by promoting the use of computer games in the classroom.

It’s not hard to go green (if you really want to!)

Is being environmentally friendly important to your school? Does being ‘green’ with your technology really matter? We look at ways you can be kinder to the planet with your ICT choices and behaviour.


Thinking about the power of thought

Interview with Dr Kerry Spackman, keynote speaker at the 16th International Conference on Thinking (ICOT)


Seeing the value in digital signs

The number of digital signs in schools is steadily rising. But while there are many benefits, the content and its presentation remain key to this technology’s success.


Main old computers new again

What do you do with old computers? Upgrade? Throw away? Waiheke High School has found a way to make them just like new again.


I came, I saw … I watched eTV


Digital learning packed with purpose

This year’s NZTA school competitions reinforce claims about the value of collaborative e-learning in the classroom.


Making the move to student e-portfolios

Queen Margaret College rolls out student e-folios


Lesson Plans

89: Spotting Spam Scams

90: Music Video Parody


In the sandbox: Wellesley College, Wellington


File Share

Photo Pin, NewsWhip, GeoCube, LitCharts, 60 Second Recap, Scribble Maps, Tracky, Sign App Now, and more.

Download videos

One-minute guide: Marqueed

10 for teachers – Tools for creating plans and designs


From the back of the class: Teaching literacy with your interactive whiteboard

A new book – Interactive Literacy – offers practical advice for teaching literacy with an interactive whiteboard. We talk to author Marnie Etheridge.

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