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(Last Updated On: March 24, 2015)

ES logoEduschemes Computing is a new online course that aims to teach primary and intermediate students the basic computer skills they can often miss out on. Late last year, Colwill School piloted the scheme among Year 7 and 8 students, and reports “amazing” results.

“Children of a certain age are often missing key parts of computing knowledge,” said Nicola Adam, the teacher to initiate Eduschemes. “Students know how to use Facebook but can’t use spreadsheets.”

For approximately one hour every day during Term 4 last year, Nicola facilitated an Eduschemes lesson. “The goal was to prepare them for high school. I was just guiding; the kids took over. The system tells you what to say, what to do, what homework to give, and all the answers. Any teacher could do it.”

Creating and understanding

Eduschemes is based on the Key Stage 3 UK Curriculum introduced last year and is already being used by schools in UK, Australia, Kenya, and the Middle East.

Not an IT expert herself, Nicola found Eduschemes highly useful for everyone involved. “You’re teaching the basics. The first lesson it’s creating folders preparing for the lessons ahead. Then we created a secret agent identity card, which meant learning file types, how to download and crop photos, add content then print-out. At the end of the course, kids were making a simple Pacman-like video game,” she explained. “It’s even useful for someone my age that also missed out on the computer basics.”

Other activities Nicola and Room 23 completed through Eduschemes included creating a visual tour of the school, and visual programming, which lead to an understanding of computer languages such as HTML and Python, programs that are also included within Eduschemes.

Eduschemes Computing lets pupils learn at their own pace. “It’s progressive, there’s no pressure to move on until you’re done. Kids can even carry on at home.”

Enthusiasm is further enhanced with the use of themed lessons. “We did a ‘secret agent’ theme last year, this year we will do a ‘world tour’ theme,” said Adam. “It keeps them fully engaged, and on task all the time.”

In fact, her pupils were so self-motivated with Eduschemes, they wanted to take it with them to high school.

“They all wanted to continue! It was amazing seeing the independence that came out of many kids. Some children that I didn’t realise had leadership skills really took over and this was great for them.”


New Zealand Introductory Offer: Year 7 to Year 9

We are confident you will also feel the difference with Eduschemes, so experience this amazing teaching tool yourself, free full classroom access to Secret Agent and World Tour for New Zealand schools this semester. Use the access code on the ‘Get in touch page’ of the Eduschemes website, and receive immediate sign-in details via an email. Eduschemes NZ will email through your class login and ‘Getting started in NZ’ pack.

FREE Trial Access Code: NZED4

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