MDM solution helps to control devices

(Last Updated On: March 17, 2015)

When Welbourn School started having trouble with managing apps on multiple iPads, Noel Leeming, a newly recognised Apple Education Reseller, was able to advise the right MDM solution to maximise its use of technology.

Welbourn Primary has purchased a number of iPads from Noel Leeming in the past and recently acquired another 10, bringing the total in the school to 40. However, by this point, staff were having issues managing not only the devices but also the apps they wanted on them.

By using a single Apple ID across their devices, the school found it could not properly assign and centrally manage apps or take advantage of special iOS features, such as ‘Facetime’ and ‘Find my iPad’.

Through the Noel Leeming Commercial team, Assistant Principal John Carr was put in touch with Arena Heihei at the company’s training arm, Open Learning. With Noel Leeming now being recognised as Apple Consultants and Apple Education Resellers, staff could discuss the benefits of utilising a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) in a school, to manage and secure devices, while making it easier to acquire the apps and learning materials needed. After explaining the feature set of a particular MDM, Cisco Meraki, John arranged for Noel Leeming to install the solution and train the staff on how to use it.

Training and managing

Installation of the cloud-based MDM and enrolment of their devices was seamless. Once completed, John and the syndicate leaders of each year group join were given an hour of in-depth training, specifically on how each teacher could log in and manage their set of iPads. They also looked at how to allocate apps to the devices they wanted to.

Learning that they wouldn’t have to enter in the Apple ID password each time they wanted an app installed was a big bonus!

Overall, the staff were impressed and very relieved with how the right MDM solution could take the hassle out of managing technology. By training and enabling the school to manage it themselves, Noel Leeming has helped the school to reduce ongoing IT support costs and enabled staff to focus on the business of teaching, not managing technology issues!  

By Arena Heihei, an Open Learning Specialist for Noel Leeming.

John Carr, Deputy Principal, Welbourn School, comments:

Noel-Leeming_WelbournWhy did you need the MDM solution? 

Manageability. We have recently purchased iPads for our staff and sets for students to use in class. We wanted to be able to manage them, so that each set could have apps on them that suited each syndicate, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

What impact has the solution had now that it’s in operation? 

We’ve only had it for a short time but already I’ve seen the benefits. It’s saving us time and hassle. Using VPP (Volume Purchase Programme) to buy our apps, it’s easy to push them out to the iPads, either in designated groups or all. Removing apps is simple as well. As we buy more devices, we can add them to the system. Meraki also has the ability to set restrictions, so we can block certain applications.

How did the training go?

Arena spoke an IT language that was easy to understand and went at a speed that made sure everything was understood. All the steps were well explained, which gave me the needed knowledge to now manage the system.

Anything you’d like to add about the process?

For the cost of the initial set up and training of the Meraki System, it’s been well worth it. The time that can be wasted trying to manage an ever-increasing number of iPads, loading apps, making sure devices have the same or right apps on them can be huge as well as frustrating. This solution has taken away wasted time and stressful management of iPads.

Thank you.  

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