Issue 21 – Term 1, Feb 2010


‘Connected Kids’ pilot extends online learning
Refurbished computers from CANZ are powering a pilot scheme to give low income students
access to The Correspondence School’s online learning resources.

What’s opening the sauce got to do with software?
Is open source software (OSS) something your schools should be considering?

Take the worry out of your wireless network
Setting up a wireless network isn’t simple and you need to think long term if you want to get it

What are you planning to do with ICT this year?
INTERFACE readers outline a few of the things they’re hoping to do with technology in the
classroom in 2010.

School TV is making the news
What did it take to win the INTERFACE Award for ‘Best News Project’ 2009? Katharine Mitchell
talks us through the making of Hukanui Air.

Invest in people not in software licences
Albany Senior High School’s Mark Osborne explains why.

Review: Windows 7
Blog Profile: Shaun Wood – Bailey Road Team 17Ask the Teacher 2 Hokowhitu SchoolWho’s your friend?

Rules for teachers to safely use online social networking sites.

Bringing students and teachers together
Two-minute guide: PlotBot

Beef up your Web browser (Part 2)

Starting Up: Ways to use wikis

The latest on Lookah.TV

10 for Teachers – More tools to try in 2010

Lesson Plans
46. Webcams on the world
47. Skype an author

How do you prove the actual value of ICT?
Organising an activity that uses ICT is easy, the challenge lies in proving it actually improves
learning outcomes for students, writes Deidre Senior.

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