Issue 5 – Term 1, Feb 2008


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Interviews: Hon. Chris Carter and Jan-Marie Kellow
Proving the power of podcasting
ICT PD: Coming together to spread the wordLeaving IT to the pros
Should you be trusting your technology to the pros? David Maida discovers a ‘can do’ attitude can get you only so far …

Bored with your board?
If an interactive whiteboard is high on your wish-lists there’s quite a range of shapes, sizes and forms to choose from.

Adventures in Antarctica
LEARNZ teacher Darren Atkin hosts a virtual field trip to the white continent.

A path to responsible citizenship

NetSafe launches a ‘pathway’ to safety and security education in the classroom, writes Richard Beach.

Coming together to spread the word

Tessa Gray reviews the Information and Communication Technologies Professional Development (ICT PD) cluster programme.

Building on success

Suzie Vesper introduces the Petone Foreshore ICT PD Cluster.

Quick Q&A – Jan-Marie Kellow

Interview: Being as effective as possible
INTERFACE editor Greg Adams discusses the challenges of technology with new Education Minister Chris Cater.

Advance Australia’s schools
There’s an education “revolution” taking place across the ditch.

Two-minute guide: Twitter 

Shape up with SketchUp
Modelling design ideas using software packages has become an important part of education practice – and Google SketchUp is an effective way to create and explore 3D design, as Moira Patterson explains.

Securing your USB drive
Data on portable drives can be at risk when connected to an unknown computer. Troy Dares looks at how to keep it safe.

Quick Q&A – Jan-Marie Kellow

Proving the power of podcasting
Can podcasting contribute to improved reading habits and literacy? E-Fellow Dorothy Burt searches for the answer.

From the back of the class: Improving the use of technology
Four out of five UK schools are being accused of failing to use technology to the full – thankfully someone had a plan, reports Greg Adams.

Case studies
Reporoa Valley ICT PD Cluster – Imagining new ways to tell a story
Smart-Net based/SUSE Linux Enterprise Server – Open to broadband
Blomfield Special School – Developing digital support for students

Lesson plans
10. Create word and number puzzles
11. Compiling a digital record of society and events

Ask the Teacher @ Scots College

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