Issue 19 – Term 4, Oct 2009


Taking a fresh look at Cybersafety
NetSafe’s new approach is to teach kids how to deal with online dangers.Ministry ‘reverts’ to saved’ for software licensing
Is staying with the status quo the right way to go for schools?

What do you think about the deal?
INTERFACE readers have their say about the software licensing agreement

OERNZ aims to share teachers’ knowledge
An introduction to New Zealand’s OER initiative.

Looking for value in going green
Adopting environmentally-friendly technology is good for the world around us but can it also be
good for your bank balance.

Saving money with refurbished computers
Papakowhai School gets the best of both worlds.

Helping the environment
Two schools talk about their experiences of adopting a greener approach.

Interview: If you can’t use technology get out of teaching!
Education specialist David Warlick believes teachers should be able to teach themselves about

Add value to learning with MyPortfolio

Blog Profile: Mrs Raman’s Coolkids

Wordle helps students to raise their standards

Review – R1: Now bigger and better

Ask the Teacher @ Tawa Intermediate School

Lesson Plans
42. Five Card Flickr Story
43. Make a maze with Word

Two-minute guide:

Making the most of PowerPoint

Editing video on the Web

Starting Up: Eight ways to start using ICT

File Share
Mindmeister, Blern, Strutta, PinDax, Poisson Rouge, Study Search

INTERFACE Awards 2009 – Who will win? You decide!

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