INTERFACE Competitions: Issue 81, August 2017

We have some fantastic prizes up for grabs this issue. Pick your prize and follow the link.

stm_case cannon_selphy
WIN! STM Dux Rugged iPad Case

Need some protection for your iPad? STM Dux cases provide best-in-class protection for your device with a transparent back panel and reinforced corners to protect it from inadvertent drops, bumps and bangs. The durable and water resistant polyurethane cover also features a magnetic closure that allows for easy folding into typing or viewing modes.

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WIN! Flea Market Retro Turntable Case

It’s official. Vinyl’s back! Whether you’re discovering the power of records for the first time or have boxes of them in storage just waiting to be rediscovered, turntables are trendy again. Among them is the Flea Market Retro Turntable Case. This all-in-one package includes built-in speakers (0.45W), headphone input jack (3.5mm), and RC stereo input. There’s multi speed control (331/3, 45, or 78 RPM) and a nifty USB recording-from-vinyl function. And it all comes in a handy and protective case.

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WIN! Canon Selphy CP100 Photo Printer

Got photos stuck on your phone or tablet that you’d really like to print out and keep? It’s never been easier to solve this problem thanks to the Selphy CP1200. This small, elegant and portable Wi-Fi photo printer is easy for anyone to use. Simply connect your smart device directly to the printer and it takes just 47 seconds to produce a photo-lab quality image. It also comes with layout and colour adjustment features, and a special protective lamination process.

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WIN! Bicycle Phone Holder

Helmet? Check. Tyres pumped up? Check. Water bottle? Check. Mobile phone? … Being on your bike doesn’t mean being out of communication. The Fly Bicycle Phone Holder will safely, securely and conveniently position your phone on the handlebars. It fits most device sizes, with the supporting arms able to extend as required, both around and underneath. Plus, the holder rotates 360 degrees for added versatility.

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