Issue 11 – Term 4, Oct 2008


Who will win the INTERFACE Awards 2008? We’re offering you the chance to decide. Your vote counts – so make sure you check out the finalists and have your say.Nothing artificial about Robocup’s success

Results and images from Robocup Junior New Zealand 2008.

Young M?ori rock with robotic dance

Michael Peterson describes the rewards of teaching robotics programming in a low decile country school for young M?ori woman.

The answer to the ultimate Kiwi question is…

Need to know something about New Zealand? Jock Phillips has an answer.

Six ways to make sure you don’t suck at technology

Do your computer skills put you at the bottom of the class? Looking to learn more about technology, so you can improve your understanding of ICT? Greg Adams investigates some of your options.

ICT PD clusters inspire 25,000 teachers

After a decade of support through the ICTPD cluster programme, Neil Melhuish sees improvements not only in teachers’ skills but also in the understanding of ICT’s role in effective teaching and learning.

Whose plans will get your vote?

Beyond Upskilling: Learning through ICT

Are you confident about learning with the students you teach – or do you feel you’re fighting a losing battle to stay one step ahead? Studying online can change the way you think about ICT, according to Dianne Forbes.

Two-minute guide: Glogster

Obama or McCain?

The 56th quadrennial US Presidential Election is in full swing. If you’re planning to follow it with your class, these sites may be useful.

Getting Started

Easy (and free!) ways to learn how to use a computer

Will you take a shine to Chrome?

Google has entered the Web browser market with Chrome. A Beta version is available for everyone to freely download and use. Should you? Will you? Two of our readers put it to the test.

Meet the ASUS Eee PC 900

Looking for a multi-purpose mini? We gave David Kinane the Linux version of the ASUS Eee PC900 to evaluate. He used the machine “solidly for two weeks” and here’s what he found.

Things to do with Flickr (other than manage photos online)

Flickr is a photographic phenomenon. But it’s about more than just storing and sharing photos. There’s a whole community of ideas and applications growing up around it. Here are just a few.

From the back of the class: Tech success demands creative skills

When it comes to successful technology solutions, creativity and imagination are as important as technical skills, writes Greg Adams

The 10 spookiest sites on the Web

Case studies

Going back to study – we talk to two teachers about why they decided to study course in ICT – and what they got out of it.

Peachgrove Intermediate: Showcasing Hamilton to the world

Lesson plans

25. Creating a vision of the future

26. Communicating with coded messages

Ask the Teacher @ Samuel Marsden Collegiate School

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