Issue 47 – Term 2, May 2013

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Six of the quickest digital fixes get go-aheadA report by the Education and Science Committee into digital literacy in schools made 48 recommendations. Here Associate Education Minster Nikki Kaye talks to INTERFACE about the Government’s response.

Are you making the best use of your technology?

Is tech equipment lying idle in your classroom? Got an idea for e-learning but don’t know how to put it into action. If you’re looking to improve your skills using ICT, there are a range of PD opportunities that can help, writes David Kinane.

Finding meaning in interaction

Today’s classrooms are full of devices and screens, gadgets and software. Interactive learning comes in many shapes and forms – here are some ways it’s having a profound effect on students and teachers.

How to copy anything legally

Licences that allow schools to copy, play and share copyright material are now available through the NZSTA One Stop Shop.

World’s wonders inspire app

A passion for games and travel led retired principal Michael Gifford to design and create an educational computer game for learning about the ‘New 7 Wonders of the World’.

Taking back the control of student devices

Technology is placing a growing number of digital resources in the hands of students. The challenge for schools is managing this process in a safe and effective way – a new tool might just be the answer.

Competitions can help to motivate and measure

In recent years, an increasing number of teachers are using digital content competitions to enhance work being done in the classroom. If you’d like to join them, Mix & Mash offers one such opportunity in 2013.

Should you be QuadBlogging?

Looking for an engaging way to improve technology, literacy and social skills all in one go? QuadBlogging could just be the answer, as teacher Claire Buist explains.

Lesson Ideas

13.09 – Revealing Photographs: Identify an image from partial views

13.10 – Incredibox: Record, share and download your own music composition

13.11 – Cyclone Center: Classify more than 30 years of tropical cyclone satellite imagery

13.12 – Make It Share It: Create and share a simple online animation

In the Sandbox: Wellington Girls’ College

File Share

myTalky, FXmypics, Math Cats, Past Papers, Planet Dinosaur, The Graffiti Creator, The Renaissance Collection, and more.

One-minute guide: TitanPad

Google Reader Alternatives

Creating email newsletters

Flight Simulators

Places to go for early online learning

Mobile Apps

From the back of the class: Teachers need to ‘play’ with new technology

How comfortable are you using technology in your classroom? Does it matter to you that your students may know more than you about using mobile devices? New research by a Massey University PhD student has found that many educators feel out of their depth when adopting new technology for use in the classroom.

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