Issue 14 – Term 1, Mar 2009


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What’s it take to put a laptop in every teacher’s hands? 
It’s one of the Ministry’s most successful ever ICT initiatives. Colin McGregor talks about how it’s happened and what the future holds for TE LA.New Minister has big plans and money to spend
Improving ICT infrastructure in schools is a high priority for new Minister of Education Anne Tolley. Here she speaks to INTERFACE about standards and investment, as well as her plans for existing projects.

Ways to work with interactive whiteboards
Interactive whiteboards are top of many teachers’ wish-lists. And it’s easy to see why.
Here are just some of the great things you’re already doing with IWBs.

Meet the ‘preferred’ suppliers of Learning Management Systems
The Ministry of Education has announced its ‘preferred’ suppliers for Learning Management Systems (LMS) who will receive funding to develop standards-based solutions that work with each other. Here we talk to three of the companies involved in the project.

Computers in Homes gives huge boost to school
School Principal describes a scheme providing computers to Gisborne-East Coast families as “an awesome catalyst for building community relationships and trust”, writes John MacGibbon.

The view from Learning@School 2009

Case studies
Tauranga Intermediate: Blending technology into teaching
Waiheke Primary: We made our own TV studio

Ask the Teacher @ Ilam School

Review: R1 19-inch

Review: Toshiba Tablet PC

Lesson plans
32. Identify and discuss factors that affect age, and calculate how long you will live
33. Create a slideshow of book reading lists

Two-minute guide: Nota

An introduction to vlogging
Read and watch Leigh Blackall’s explanation of video blogging.

Add bling to your blog
In her last instalment on blogging, Allanah King finds six ways to add some bling to a blog.

Starting up: troubleshooting

File Share – Web 2.0 tools: 
Poll Junkie, Popacular, PC Pitstop, iTalc, Moodle, Paper Critters

From the back of the class: Teachers are only as good as their online resources
Malcolm Hay wanted to learn how to develop online resources that would encourage independent learning among his carpentry students. His research led him to test how students actually use the Web and how they react to simple interactive learning environments. Here’s what he found.

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