Issue 31 – Term 2, June 2011

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Work how and where you want with wirelessSpecial Feature – CybersafetyMeeting the challenges of cybersafety

Running a school on trust

Digital Citizenship modules for ICT PD clusters

The best thing is just the block it all … right?

Web filtering options

Review: INTERFACE Xpo 2011

You are not alone when you have a netbook

Where’s next for interactive technology in schools?

Starting a blog is easy, it’s keeping it going that’s hard

How to achieve some flash results with language
It’s only a matter of time before flashcards went digital.

Creating a classroom full of animated kids
The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) Movie Competition.

Ask the teacher @ St Mary’s Catholic School in Rotorua

File Share

Tunefort, Placefy, Fungooms, Miamiopia, Wordmaster, The Noun Project, MisterThread, Books Ngram Viewer, Google Cow, Readergirlz, Wordlings, Wordle, Dropbox, ZumoDrive … and more.

One-minute guide: Broadcastr

10 for teachers – Your favourite online tools

Lesson Plans

66. Making a strong password

67. I Can Animate

From the back of the class: Opening young eyes to open software

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