Issue 52 – Term 4, Dec 2013

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Some great prizes to be won!Readers’ CommentsINTERFACE awards
This year’s winners announced!Noticeboard
All the latest e-learning news and views

The Made awards
Bigger and better.

The magic of minecraft
A selection of the designs we received.

The continuing rise of the mobile machines
More and more schools are adopting personal, portable devices for staff and students to use. Here Lee Suckling talks to five of them about how mobile machines are making a difference in their classrooms.

14 hot apps we bet you’ll be using in 2014
Looking for some new apps for your classroom? Here’s a few we think are worth a try.

Robots in the classroom
Robotics isn’t hard, doesn’t have to blow the budget, and can have significant learning outcomes. So, why are so few students getting hands on with robots?

New scheme gives students job ‘Advantage’
Microsoft has announced Student Advantage, a new initiative it hopes will ensure students have the technological skills they need to successfully compete in the workplace – now and in the future.

Students take lead against cyberbullying
‘Sticks ‘n Stones’ is a student-led project that’s urging teenagers to be positive digital citizens and encourage action against cyberbullying.

Teaching on demand
‘The Physics Lounge’ is an example of ‘flipping’ education. The brainchild of a Hamilton teacher, it shares free instructional videos on secondary school level physics. Here we talk to its creator Sam Hight..

Using videos for learning in Vanuatu
During his journey from volunteer to video maker, John Herd has pioneered the use of 3D animation software to develop learning resources.

four great Lesson ideas
• Six Ways To Use A Visualiser
• Five Sentence Challenge
• Worm Watch Lab
• Words For Names

INTERFACE News and Notes
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In the sandbox
How are other educators bringing technology into their classrooms? INTERFACE talks to teachers at Elm Park School, Auckland, about their favourite tech tools.

Fileshare – Six pages of online resources
• 56 free tools and apps
• Finding out about the ‘God Particle’.
• 6 mobile apps to try.

OLPC launches in NZ
The ‘One Laptop per Child’ (OLPC) initiative has put low-cost, connected computers into the hands of more than two-and-a-half million children and teachers in 42 countries. Now it’s coming to New Zealand, writes Sarah Putt.

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