Issue 111 – Term 1, April 2022

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2022)




INTERFACEXpo 2022: It’s on and registrations are now open!


ETV: School Copyright Licensing Initiative

The Mind Lab: Introducing your classroom to the Metaverse

Enhancing the learning experience with Canon Solutions for Education

Keeping your head while all around you are hybrid learning In what’s been two years of unprecedented challenges facing teachers, hybrid teaching is the latest to tackle. How do you keep your sanity being in two places at once? Kelly Kenyon finds out some of the secrets to a successful shift.

Special Feature: The metaverse awaits but will you be coming to the party? If some of the biggest tech companies on the planet have their way, it’s a place where we’ll all soon be living, playing and, yes, teaching. Buzzword or brave new virtual world? Let’s find out whether you should be adding a new dimension to your classroom.

  • Breaking boundaries and disrupting education
  • Forget the metaverse, welcome to the Eduverse
  • Teaching in two different realities

Having a chat with two talkative teachers In our last issue, we mentioned Two Talkative Teachers, a new podcast in which two passionate teachers talk teaching life in New Zealand. We wanted to know more about them and what they’re doing, so we tracked them down for a chat.

New resource is changing the game for STEM learners Gamechangers by name, Science Alive has high hopes its latest initiative will also be a game changer by nature for teachers. Free to use, the online activity uses successful Kiwi innovators to engage and inspire students with STEM.

FILE SHARE: Four pages of online resources

COMPETITIONS: As always, there are heaps of great prizes to be won!

Gamefroot: Learning game dev is a hop, skip and a jump away!

From the Back: Improving reading skills by playing video games A team of Swiss and Italian researchers has demonstrated that the speed and accuracy of student reading can be improved and sustained through playing a child-friendly action video game for just a few hours.

INTERFACE Teacher and Student Minecraft Competitions 2022

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