Issue 51 – Term 4, Oct 2013

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All the latest e-learning news and viewsWi-Fi access points
Allied Telesis is giving away up to 200 AT-TQ2450 wireless access points (APs) – that’s a whopping $100,000 worth of equipment! There are 22 prize packs up for grabs

Meet the student who’s written his own OS
Have you ever thought about writing your own software? A science project inspired an Auckland student to do just that. But coming up with an operating system to rival Windows is only the start.

learning to teach with touch
Advances in touch technology are bringing new interactive surfaces into classrooms that are engaging and exciting. They’re not only proving a revelation for collaboration but encouraging teachers to do old things in new ways.

Is going green a luxury schools can’t afford?
Does being ‘green’ with your technology choices really matter? Should schools be concetrating on more important things?.

Working together and smarter with OneNote
From BYOD to Windows 8, SkyDrive and Office 365, Baradene College is a keen adopter of e-learning. But at the heart of its ongoing search for e-success is Microsoft OneNote.

Learning about computers with a Raspberry Pi?
In April, Kuranui College entered our competition to win a Raspberry Pi. They won and the device has already proved itself a valuable learning tool at the Wairarapa school

Point England School raises numeracy standards
Designed for classroom use, online numeracy programme Maths- Whizz is bringing significant learning success to students at Auckland’s Pt England School.

Students test software for sharing
With some adjustments, Justine Hughes knew a video tool she’d found could have a significant impact on learning. So, she approached the makers and offered the services of her class as developers and testers of what’s now become ‘MyChatPack’.

Schools impressed with Chromebook capability
Last month, Cyclone challenged schools to trial its new Samsung Chromebooks. Several took up the offer and have given the device the ‘thumbs up’.

four great Lesson ideas
• Wordcount
• Voyager Golden Record
• Spacewarps
• Drawminos

interface News and Notes
• Sponsors and venues for interfacexpo 2014
• Are you moving school next year?
• Have you missed an issue?
INTERFACE Awards 2013: Don’t forget to vote
• Congratulations to our winners

In the sandbox
How are other educators bringing technology into their classrooms? INTERFACE talks to teachers at St Margaret’s College, Christchurch, about their favourite tech tools.

Fileshare – Six pages of online resources
• 53 free tools and apps
• 8 alternatives to using YouTube.
• 6 mobile apps to try.

Bring Your Own Device – how it fits together
Looking at adopting a BYOD programme? There are key considerations your school needs to think about during the planning phase, writes Conrad Stewart.

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