Issue 1 – Term 3, July 2007


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Last PROBE school gets connectedTelecom’s DSL link brings broadband to Wakanui School.Paying for your technology

It’s a question facing many schools looking to upgrade their ICT. Should you buy or lease your technology?

Interview: Involving students in everything we do

Educational commentator and gaming advocate Marc Prensky talks candidly to INTERFACE.

Quick Q&A – Sir Ken Robinson, Enjoying the best of both worlds

Find out why it’s worth the effort to combine Macs and PCs on the same network.

Helping teachers to tackle cyberbullying 

NetSafe examines cyberbullying, its harmful effects, and what teachers can do to combat it.

10 simple steps to blogging success

So, you want to start a blog? What do you need to do?

Learn to lip sync, Part 1

Step-by-step guide to using Adobe Flash CS3 Professional to animate and add sound to images.

Confessions of an edublogger

Derek Wenmoth explores the motivations and meanings behind his online musings.

Digital technologies develop leadership skills

Multimedia courses shouldn’t simple be taken for fun or for extra credits, says Brenda Frisk.

Seeing is believing

The best way to respond to technological change is by seeing what’s already being done, believes Murray Brown.

From the back of the class: Give Wikipedia a fair go

How can you trust something that can’t be trusted. Greg Adams defends Wikipedia.

Case Studies

Warkworth Primary – Upgrade means students can teach themselves

Baverstock Oaks – New SMS is a dream to work with

Waimea College – Singing the praises of blogs

Mount Albert Grammar – OLE passes its teacher test

Lesson Plans

1. Parlez-vous text chat? – the language of learning languages

2. Ownership and use of material posted online

3. Making a computer from stones

Ask the Teacher @ Hukarere College