Issue 28 – Term 3, Nov 2010


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What’s there to worry about with wireless in 2011?Knowing when it’s time to let go (of your old computers)Principals’ Pages

Have you heard the one about students writing their own textbooks

Go mining at the chalk face for e-learning gold

Engage with ICT or face becoming redundant

Don’t mess with your network ninja

Helping every kid get access to a computer: OLPC

Bridging the gap to using ICT in the real world

Ask the teacher @ Albany Senior High School

File Share

Who pooped?, StoryBee, World Mapper, Headline Clues, Twilk, Swingometer, FutureStates, Dipity, Bingle, Goofram, Duck Duck Go, Inkmesh, Tizmos, Celtx, Timer, Steep It

One-minute guide: Quiznator

10 for teachers – Tools tried and tested by you

Lesson Plans

60: Create a virtual tour of your school

61: Tales of things

INTERFACE Awards 2010 – Meet this year’s winners

From the back of the class: Taking a responsible approach to disposing of ‘old tech stuff’

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