Issue 13 – Term 1, Feb 2009


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Ministry invests in standards-based LMS
INTERFACE talks to Paul Seiler about the Ministry of Education’s review of managed learning environments and its plans to develop standards for LMS solutions in New Zealand schools.Global award for teaching with a cellphone
Congratulations to Onehunga School’s Nathan Kerr, who has won a global award for creative use of technology in his classroom. He picked up top spot in the ‘Innovation and Collaboration’ section at the 2008 Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum (ITF).Get ready to love your laptop even more 
From hybrids to convertibles, look out for plenty of new ideas and innovation in laptop technology this year, writes Greg Adams.

Interview: Are teachers responsible for cyberbullying in classrooms?

We talk to Internet safety expert Marian Merritt, who talks about the “enormously important” role teachers have to play in keeping students safe.
Your top tips for great digital photos

Two-minute guide: LinkedIn

Seven ways to bond with your laptop
Looking to get to know your laptop a little better? Try these simple ways to help build your relationship.

Things I learned while blogging
In the second of a three part series on blogging, Allanah King explains what she’s learned along the way.

File Share – Free Web 2.0 Tools:
Wectar, Simply Box, Photofiltre, WordPress, Gimp, Google Docs and Xtranormal

Starting up: Video editing

From the back of the class: Teaching and the f-word

What do 3D games, robotics, science and maths have in common? Students love them all when they’re having ‘fun’, writes Michael Fenton.

Case Studies
Otago Girls’ High School – A perfect way to learn vocabulary
St Joseph’s School – Recycling old, bringing in new
Te Puke High School – Working with a Wiimote

Ask the Teacher @ Hillcrest Normal School

Lesson plans
29. Discussing online safety with your students
30. Most innovative use of an interactive whiteboard

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