Issue 8 – Term 2, June 2008


Neutralising the Net nasties  
Going ‘online’ can give others access to your computer and personal information. Here’s our guide to some of the nasties you’re likely to encounter on the Net – and how to stay cybersmart.Interview: See it to believe it
From inspired to dreadful, Peter Kent talks to INTERFACE editor Greg Adams about the ways teachers can use interactive whiteboards.Halt, who goes there…?
Still using your birthday or pet’s name as a password for sensitive information? Maybe it’s time you looked at protecting yourself a little better, writes Troy Dares.

Two-minute guide: TinyURL

A means to magnification
Specialist magnification software can help students with low vision to access every day computer applications, writes Mark Tweedale.

A mindmap of information    
Ditch PowerPoint in favour of mindmapping tool Mindmeister, suggests Helen Baxter.

Making car wheels turn
In Part 2 of our Deep Exploration tutorial, find out how to animate car wheels.

Harnessing help from histograms
Check out histograms and how they can help improve your images.

From the back of the class: Feeling a bit underwhelmed

What should we make of the Budget? Ask again in six months … or should that be in four years, or 10, or maybe never, writes Greg Adams.

Case studies
Nayland College – Using the Nelson Loop
Rongotai College – Things I learned from video tutorials
All Hallows’ School – Improving the mobility of learning

Lesson plans
16. Find and record geometric shapes
17. Musical computers
18. Creating a customised search engine

Ask the Teacher @ Tots Corner, Auckland

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