Issue 40 – Term 2, July 2012

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Are you getting serious about the cloud yet?As cloud computing solutions continue to evolve the benefits for schools are becoming more compelling.

The look of learning in 2022

Your predictions for education in 10 years’ time.

Thx for a great time at INTERFACE Xpo

Photo review of the four events.

Choosing the best camera for the classroom

Having a go with the new Windows 8

Office 365: free and coming soon

Going on a learning journey with a blog

Lesson Plan

84: Amazing Ideas Search

In the sandbox: Burnside High School

File Share

Letter Bubbles, Graph Words, Word Hippo, Seemath, NASA eClips, HelloSlide, Colllor and more.


Annotating webpages

One-minute guide: Little Bird Tales

From the back of the class: Do you use protection?

Are you using passwords correctly – or are you fudging it because remembering eight letters is a hassle?

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