Issue 49 – Term 3, Aug 2013

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A few facts you should know about UFBIt seems everyone’s talking about ‘Ultra-fast broadband’ – or UFB for short. What is it? What does it do? Why is it important? Here are 10 things you really need to know.


How are schools already using UFB?

Some schools already have access to high-speed internet connections. What difference does it make and what are they doing it? We ask four about their experiences using UFB.


Choosing the right computer for your students

iPad? iPod? Chromebook? Netbook? Ultrabook? There are plenty of options when it comes to computing devices. How do you choose what’s right for your students? INTERFACE talks to five schools about the decisions they made.


What works for websites?

Why do schools need a website? And what makes them good or bad? New Principal Jeremy Kurth made it a priority to find out.


Teacher + flipping = student success

Changing his approach to teaching maths has resulted in improved results and motivated students, writes Bruce Ellison


From browsers and BYOD to blogs and boasting

Saint Paul’s Catholic School has enthusiastically embraced information and communications technology. And it’s an approach to e-learning that’s increasing engagement and having positive effects on student learning.


Lesson Ideas

13.17 – Findery: Sharing and finding out things about locations

13.18 – Copy and paste: Learning how to use copy and paste function

13.19 – Google Maps Streetview player: Virtually drive between two locations

13.20 – What’s your number? Learning about the growth of the world’s population


In the Sandbox: Nayland College, Nelson


File Share

Count On, Nation Master, Number Nut, Wonderground, MashMe TV,, phET, and more.

One-minute guide: Findery

Online banners

Creating infographics

Mood music

Resources on radio

Mobile Apps


From the back of the class: Successfully leveraging blended e-learning support

Henderson Valley School has recently introduced iPads into classrooms and seen a huge difference in engagement from both students and teachers.

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