Issue 46 – Term 2, April 2013

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How are you planning for your tech future?From complexity to cost, PD to pedagogy, there are a range of reasons why schools need to make clear, structured and long-term decisions about their digital direction, writes Catherine Murray.Five tips for thinking about strategic planning

Wondering where to start with strategic planning for ICTs? Here Claire Amos shares a few thoughts to get you started.

We’re choosing to back BYOD because …

An increasing number of schools are adopting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programmes – or at least thinking about it. Here Lee Davis talks to three schools about their thoughts and experiences adopting a one-to-one initiative.

The benefits of blogging

Why should you have a class blog? What can it achieve for you and your students? We thought who better to ask than Nickie Slater, the winner of ‘Best Class Blog’ in last year’s INTERFACE Awards.

Milking a good idea

How can you show learning? Students at Wakaaranga School created a computer game to demonstrate what they had learned about the dairy industry, writes David Kinane.

One small project is a giant leap in learning

As part of their space study, Year 2/3 students from Manuka Class at North Loburn School planned a trip to the moon and have created a film showing their journey, as Aisling O’ Connor explains.

Lesson Ideas

13.05 – Mystery Skype: Make a video call and work out where you’re calling

13.06 – The concept behind Vine: Recording and using six seconds of video

13.07 – Entering competitions: Building classroom projects and assignments around competitions

13.08 – Sound Around You: Exploring and recording everyday noise

In the Sandbox: MADE Awards 2013 – Documentary winners


File Share

Fetch!, Disease Detectives, Math Monday, Futurity, Print Friendly, Howjsay,, Listango, and more.

One-minute guide: Lucidchart

Tests and Quizzes

How safe is a site? Ways to determine how much you should trust a website

Mobile apps


From the back of the class: Reporting from Redmond

Last month, HP’s Education Manager Melissa Fincham attended the Global Education Partner Summit (GEPS) at Microsoft’s HQ in Redmond. Here she tells us about the experience.

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