Issue 9 – Term 3, July 2008


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A challenging job in unchartered territory
They’re a select and talented group that’s making a real difference. Chris Allott McPhee looks at the role of the ePrincipal.Eight habits of highly effective 21st century teachers
What makes a good teacher? Andrew Churches investigates what it takes to be a hit in today’s hi-tech classroom.

Interview: See the power of what technology can do
Videoconferencing changed Marci Powell’s life. Here she talks to INTERFACE about her experiences and how you can make the most of this technology, too.

Eight ways to go green (and save money in the process)
Adopting a ‘greener’, more sustainable approach to choosing and using your technology isn’t just benefiting the environment, there can be some serious financial advantages as well.

Two-minute guide: Gimp

Pssst, have you heard the news?
We’re adding RSS feeds to our website – here’s how they work.

Passing the test
Looking to create an online test? Here are some Web applications that may be up to the challenge.

Choosing the right digital camera
Looking to buy a new digital camera? Here are some of the things you should consider.

Meet the HP 2133 Mini-Note
HP’s new Mini-Note certainly looks the part… but what’s it like? We asked two teachers to test it out.

From the back of the class: Final report is just the beginning
“Adjustments to the current level of ICT resourcing are necessary” warns a recent Government report, Greg Adams takes a closer look.

Case studies  
Onslow College – My gift is my song and this one’s for you
Cashmere High School – Taking control of learning

Lesson plans
19. Texting literacy strategy
20. Create a ClustrMap
21. Online OE with Google Earth

Ask the Teacher @ Peachgrove Intermediate School, Hamilton

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