Issue 24 – Term 2, June 2010


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Trial proves satellite broadband can work for rural schools
Coming soon to a TELA laptop near you
New South Wales’ Digital Education Revolution
Some ways to help keep your class cybersafe
Ways to use robotics in your classroom
Teachers have a swell time ‘riding the wave’
Review: Meet the Sony Bloggie
Ask the teacher @ Wairau Valley Special School
Is giving a laptop to every student a good idea?
Principals’ Pages
Try taking a walk on the wiki side
If you can’t afford to buy, make your own
Keeping things as simple as you can
File Share
Fossil Fun, Mathsframe. DocsPal, Cinch, Slatebox, Search-Cube, Twurdy, Sentence Scramble, Alexa, Kigose, Kidsclick, KidZui
Two-minute guide: Diigo
10 for teachers – Photo editing tools
Lesson Plans
52: Design your own font
53: Guess the search term
From the back of the class: Inspiration and innovation for students
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