Issue 44 – Term 4, Dec 2012

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Is it time you turned to tablets?Tablets and the use of ‘touch’ seem to promise so much but does the hype live up to the reality? What should schools consider before turning to tablets – and how well can learning be facilitated by these devices?


What happens when you give kids an iPod touch?

At the start of Term 2, Year 5 and 6 students in Room 3 at Lakeview School were given an iPod touch to use in class. Deputy Principal Tim Nelson explains the thinking behind the initiative and the outcomes so far.


Coming up with some ‘amazing ideas’ for UFB

Results from Telecom’s inaugural ‘Amazing Ideas Search’ competition.


A novel way for students to collaborate

The launch of the collaborative fan fiction novel ‘Fuel To The Fire’ was a fitting finale to a special project at Waiau Pa School.


Why aren’t schools learning from their ICT mistakes

Interview with HP’s Education Strategist Elliott Levine.


Seven ways to mess up your wireless network


It’s easy to create your own iBooks


Lesson Plan

91: Internet Scavenger Hunt


In the sandbox: Tongariro School, Turangi


File Share

Scitable, Inanimate Alice, GeoBeats, ReelSurfer, SoundCloud, TuneIn, Animaps, and more.

Stress Tests

One-minute guide: Weebly for Education

Sports Apps

10 for teachers – New tools to try for 2013


From the back of the class: The story behind literacy app StoryBot

Husband and wife team Glen and Monique Storey are teachers at Te Akau ki Papamoa School. In their spare time they’ve been working on iOS apps for kids they work with and have just released their first one, StoryBot.

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