Issue 4 – Term 4, Nov 2007


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Wireless: Are you on the right wavelength?
Wireless networks are becoming increasingly popular – but how are you when it comes to working without wires. INTERFACE examines some of the issues.

Interview: Sharing the same challenges

INTERFACE talks to the Hon. Steve Maharey about Blackberrys and budgets – and finds out ICT is high on the list of priorities for our Minister of Education.A new lease on tech life
Need to buy some ICT kit but don’t have the cash? Here are 10 things you should know about leasing.A solution for storage
Data storage is increasingly becoming a headache for many schools. Art teacher Graeme Bridge finds a place for everything with Network Attached Storage, or NAS for short.

Five steps to telling a digital story
Diane Nolan finds a way to successfully promote the importance of creative word play in a technology-filled world.

Two-minute guide: Flickr

Looking for new ways to search

Rotoscoping in Adobe Flash CS3
Add some fun to live action images by using rotoscope animation (tracing over live-action film) in Adobe Flash CS3.

Locking out the keyloggers 
Spyware is a serious threat to your security and privacy. Troy Dares looks at ways to reduce the risk.

From the back of the class: Leaving our comfort zone 
It’s easy to sit back and do nothing… but getting off your butt can be easy, too – and much, much more fun, writes Greg Adams

Case studies
Southern Regional Health School – Looking the picture of health
Botany Downs     Secondary College – An environment for maximising learning
Otumoetai Intermediate – A luxury that quickly becomes a necessity
Inglewood High – Don’t need the power

Lesson plans
8. Making animations in Kid Pix
9. Create a computer-controlled robot using Lego Mindstorms

Ask the Teacher @ Glenholme School


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