Issue 56 – Term 2, July 2014

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Readers’ CommentsCombining classrooms and the cloud
The ‘Cloud’ is everywhere – literally and figuratively. How are you using it? How is it changing the way teachers teach and students learn? And what’s next for this exciting technology?

Six steps to beat the ‘technology trap’
More and more teachers are using technology in their classroom – but are they using it effectively? 

Test driven by students
Want to know how a device will perform with students? Just ask them – and that’s exactly what’s happened. Here four students review new HP products as part of the New Era STARs programme.

NetSafe becomes 50th member of INHOPE
Things to need to know about the contractual details and the small print before you sign a deal.

Reaching an agreement
Things you need to know about the contractual details and the small print before you sign a deal.

Meeting the challenge of computer coding
Teaching computer coding in schools is becoming ever more popular, from robotics to modifying open source software to writing games and apps. If it’s something you’d like to introduce in your classroom, there are plenty of simple and effective ways to do it.

Introducing Kodu into the classroom
Developed by Microsoft, Kodu is a simple visual programming language for creating computer games. It’s being used in classrooms to teach not just basic coding skills but also creativity, problem solving, and storytelling.

Improving literacy with text and tablets
Auckland’s Ponsonby Primary School tried an innovative way to help motivate a small group of Year 2 students improve their writing skills. It introduced Samsung Galaxy Notes as part of an accelerated literacy programme and the results were ‘amazing’.

Where teachers meet
TeachMeetNZ was begun by Sonya Van Schaijik when she was an eFellow in 2011. It’s a collaborative project where New Zealand educators can reflect on, record and share their own learning using Google+ Hangouts.

Meet our lucky winners
Whatever happens to the prizes we give away? Well, we thought we’d find out. Here three recent competition winners tell us how they’re putting their new devices into action in their classrooms.

The grand technology tour
After two years of careful planning, 36 senior school students and five staff from Saint Kentigern College enjoyed the ‘experience of a lifetime’ touring some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley.

Fileshare – Six pages of online resources
• 58 free tools and apps  • Utellstory
• Computer coding • 6 mobile apps to try

Four great Lesson ideas
• Human Keyboard
• British Pathé Archives
• LEGO Digital Designer
• Digital Photography

In the sandbox
How are other educators bringing technology into their classrooms? INTERFACE talks to teachers at Waitakere College, Auckland, about their favourite tech tools.

Who’s MADE for success?
Entries are open for the MADE Awards 2014. There are several categories to choose from, each rewarding excellence in digital media skills. Why should you take part and what does it take to succeed? Find out from two previous winners. 

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