Issue 34 – Term 4, Oct 2011

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UFB versus SNUP – what’s the difference?Putting a stop to illegal P2P file sharing
Assessing the impact on schools of the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011

A message from HP

How open will you go?
Open source software has its advocates – could you become one of them?

MyPortfolio: Me-Learning in your own online space

Principals’ Pages

Surviving the day Google Docs went down

Keeping an eye on screen time

Twitter: Is your head in the cloud or in the sand?

Deus ex machina
Exploring the role of ICT in teaching religious studies

What happens when ICT meets special needs?

Bringing affordable 3D printing into classrooms

Making the news: Street Talk

Taking simple steps to help the planet
When it comes to being ‘green’, how does your school stack up?

Ask the teacher @ Baradene College in Auckland

Where there’s a wiki there’s an e-way
Meet the Registered Teacher Criteria Wiki

File Share

The Joy of Pi, Slimber, Book Lamp, Story Jumper, Bhoogolvidya, Lino, Show My Street, Google Gravity, Stanza, MapMaster, IconsPedia, LargeDocument, Ge.TT, Vocabology, Doodle Buddy … and more.

One-minute guide: CoSketch

10 for Teachers – Road safety education

Lesson Plans

72. QR Codes

73. Iconscrabble

From the back of the class: Pursuing an e-learning philosophy

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