Issue 2 – Term 3, Aug 2007


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Scheme launched to remove and recycle old computers
Marlborough Girls’ School becomes the first in New Zealand to participate in the Planet Partners Hardware Return and recycling Programme.Stop your students accessing porn
Learn how one school is preventing students from bypassing online security.Creating a ‘can do’ culture for using technology
INTERFACE finds ways to get staff interested and excited about using ICT.

Discovering the value of VoIP
Is voice-over-IP telephony for you? Two schools talk about their experiences of installing and using such a solution.

Interview: Using technology where there’s an academic value
From art teacher to tech trainer, UK educationalist Diane Nolan shares her thoughts about using technology to make teachers’ lives easier.

Six steps to surviving the ‘blogsplosion’
NetSafe’s Richard Beach has some safety advice for all would-be bloggers

Learn to lip sync, Part 2
Step-by-step guide to using Adobe Flash CS3 Professional to animate and add sound to images.

Quick Q&A – Douglas Harré

Get personal with your computer
Don’t take your PC for granted. Getting to know it better will improve the relationship you have with technology, says tn Chan.

From the back of the class: Something for everyone
There’s something for everyone at technology-related education events, writes Greg Adams

Case Studies
Tokoroa North – new infrastructure lays the groundwork for success
Glenavon – getting more from one computer
Baradene College of the Sacred Heart – better engagement from blogs

Lesson Plans
4. Google Earth – explore the world and create a ‘tour’ using satellite images
5. learning musical notes from phone numbers

Ask the Teacher @ Pakuranga College

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