Issue 7 – Term 2, May 2008


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Protection on paper
Preventing theft and damage around your school is a tough job. INTERFACE investigates what schools need to know about insuring their ICT equipment.Interview: Excite the learning
LEGO legend Chris Rogers talks to INTERFACE editor Greg Adams about developing ROBOLAB and building a new way of teaching.

The New Zealand Curriculum Online
Schools have until 2010 to implement the New Zealand Curriculum. Where can you for assistance? Jane Nicholls knows a place.

Mastering macrons in te reo M?ori
Keke or k?k?? Cake or armpit? The difference might be just a matter of macrons but it means so much more, as Sarah-Jane McCosh discovers.

Using YouTube
YouTube can be a phenomenal learning resource – if you know how to make the most of it. Suzie Vesper explains how to download and play video clips.

Two-minute guide:

Using CCTV to see and learn
Advances in CCTV technology are helping visually-impaired students, writes Mark Tweedale.

Teaching tweets
Twitter is becoming an increasingly useful and popular tool for teachers, explains Helen Baxter.

Review: Eeek, it’s an Eee PC
How small can a functional computer get? Anthony Hill explains how Queenstown Primary has got to grips with the ASUS Eee PC.

From the back of the class: Don’t dump, recycle
Nearly half of all schools dump old computers as landfill – surely we can do better than that, asks Greg Adams.

Case studies
Campbells Bay Primary – So much learning going on
Morrinsville College – A touch choice
Meadowbank Primary – Using blogs to boost literacy
Kaikoura Primary – Added peace of mind
Johnsonville Primary – The wheel of death
Roslyn School – Appreciating Google Apps

Lesson plans
14. A ‘Web Quest’ to identify good food safety practices
15. Tutorial for 3D modelling program Deep Exploration

Ask the Teacher @ Raumati South School


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