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INTERFACEXpo 2023: Next year’s dates and venues for your diary

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Reader Survey: Tell us your thoughts on environmental sustainability


Students refurbish computers to go to rural Samoan schools

The Mind Lab: Impactful futures start with your future

Minecraft Competition 2022: Creating a game for students to teach each other

Digital Kete: NZ resources for NZ teachers

Te Kawa O Tangaroa: Deep dive into learning about life in our oceans

The summer holidays are just a few cyber security checks away School may be out soon for summer, but you can be sure hackers and scammers won’t be on a break. So, taking some extra security precautions before wrapping up for the school year, could be the difference between having a relaxing holiday or one that’s disrupted by some cyber nasties.

Special feature: Are you scoring with esports in your school? Esports is more than just playing computer games. It’s the fastest growing activity in schools across the country, offering mental and physical challenges, developing multiple skills, fostering collaboration and teamwork, creating friendships, and maybe even forming career paths. If you’re still sitting on the sidelines, maybe now’s the time to think about joining in.

File Share: Four pages of online resources

Review: Lenovo 13w Yoga Meet the latest Lenovo device available on TELA+, a new laptop that’s designed to meet the demands of both teachers and budget.

From the back: Taking photos of slides helps students remember A new study has found that taking pictures of instructional slides during a presentation helped students not only remember the slide content better than for slides they did not photograph, but also recall the spoken-word content.

Competitions: Heaps of great prizes to be won!

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