Showcasing Hamilton to the world

When Hamilton City Council wanted to showcase their city to the world, they found Peachgrove Intermediate School had the perfect tool in the digital storytelling software MARVIN, as Sharee Richardson and David Woodcock explain. It’s not always easy for teachers to step out of their comfort zone and […]

Developing a strategy to teach digital technology

What are the aims of the Digital Technologies Guidelines (DTG)? INTERFACE talks to Tracy Bowker about delivering coherent digital technology teaching and learning programmes. What are the Digital Technologies Guidelines (DTG)? The DTG project is one of a series of initiatives by the Ministry of Education to support […]

Ignore copyright and you’ll end up in court

Are you illegally using copyright material? How would you know? What could happen? NZFACT’s Tony Eaton talks to us about the perils of piracy and how teachers can help. Can you start by explaining what is copyright? It applies to work that has been created and is then […]

Would you look good with a mini?

They might be small but they’re looming large in the thinking of many schools. Are they for you? INTERFACE investigates the rise of the ‘mini’ laptop. Even just a year ago they were something of a novelty from companies you’d never heard of; now it seems like everyone […]

Being as effective as possible

Swapping tuatara for teachers is a challenge he’s relishing. But after 17 years in the profession himself new Education Minister Chris Carter is under no illusions of the size of the job ahead. Are you enjoying the new job? I am! I come to it with a bit […]

Proving the power of podcasting

Can including podcasting in teaching and learning activities contribute to improved reading habits and literacy? E-Fellow Dorothy Burt went in search of the answer. As teachers, one of the dilemmas we face in e-learning is that it can be time consuming, often costly, and there’s little research available […]

The answer to the ultimate kiwi question is…

Need to know something about New Zealand? Online encyclopedia ‘Te Ara’ is the answer to every teacher’s prayers, believes Jock Phillips. Wouldn’t it be great to have a website that had answers to everything you wanted to know about New Zealand – and presented those answers in easy-to-read […]

Six ways to make sure you don’t suck at technology

Do your computer skills put you bottom of the class? Looking to learn more about technology, so you can improve your understanding of ICT? Greg Adams investigates some of your options. In his former life, Marcel Ollman was a teacher. He remembers how his school had an interactive […]

The 10 spookiest sites on the Web

Halloween’s fast approaching. For some ‘trick or treat’ fun, check out ‘click or treat’ guide for websites your class can use to learn about and enjoy this spooky holiday. 1. This excellent site from the History Channel investigates the haunted history of All Hallow’s Eve. There are video clips, stories from around the world, […]

Whose plans will get your vote?

The gloves are off. Education will be a key issue in next month’s election. We asked the two main parties to offer their thoughts on ICT in education and outline their plans for the future should they form the next Government. Here’s what they told us: Labour Party: […]

Interview: Engaging & exciting

Teachers are losing control and Travis Smith, Assistant Principal at Frankston High in Melbourne, couldn’t be happier. Here he talks to INTERFACE about his school’s pioneering use of Tablet PCs. As a teacher, what excites you about ICT? It’s the possibilities it affords students and teachers. Traditionally, in […]