Issue 3 – Term 4, Oct 2007


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Making virtual servers a realityIf the predictions are to be believed, your school’s going to be doing it – or at least thinking about doing it – within the next couple of years. Greg Adams explores the world of server virtualisation.The accidental ICT manager

Not everyone looking after computers has a professional ICT background. David Maida meets the teachers who have ‘fallen into’ the role of keeping their school’s technology up and running.

Interview: Recognising and making the difference

INTERFACE talks to Ewan McIntosh about having the knack to spot when technology might add something to the classroom.

Is it a sport? Is it a computer game? (No, actually it’s both)

Meet GeoCaching, the perfect way to bridge the digital divide between computer games and good old-fashioned, outdoors fun, believes Diane Nolan.

Filters – only a part of the cyber safety solution

How effective are the Web filters you use at school? What should you do to ensure the online safety of students? Four leading Internet security providers offer their thoughts.

The seven wonders of Wikis

They might not sound particularly technological but wikis are becoming an increasingly common and highly popular activity in schools. INTERFACE finds out more.

Where there is no vision, there is no money

When it comes to implementing ICT strategy, schools generally take one of two approaches. Jonathan Beveridge shows why one is more successful than the other.

More than just making school work look pretty

What lies ahead for ICT in schools? Mark Treadwell explores the new role for technology in improving teaching and learning practices.

From the back of the class: Lights, camera… teach

They may seem an unlikely teaching aid but load-your-own-video websites like YouTube have an educational value, believes Greg Adams.

Case studies

Diocesan Waikato – maximising the benefits of technology

Cashmere High School – Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training

Meadowbank Primary – a blogging frenzy

Lesson plans

6. Analysing addiction to computer games

7. Adding signatures to emails

Ask the Teacher @ James Hargest College

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