Issue 48 – Term 2, July 2013

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Are you harnessing the power of the cloud?No doubt you’ve heard people refer to ‘the cloud’ when they’re talking about something related to the internet. But when does the internet become the cloud? What exactly is the cloud? And how can it be used by your school? David Kinane investigates.

Choosing a firewall for control and access

BYOD, the cloud, UFB, and personalised learning are all pushing the boundaries of device and internet management in school environments. One option you should consider is onsite firewalls, writes Peter Mancer.

Know the risks and be secure in the cloud

How secure is information in the cloud? Do you know? Do you care? And do those whose data it is get an informed choice on the matter? Stu McGregor gives his take on this challenging issue.

Enhancing the learning by calling on the specialists

Desktops, laptops, projectors and interactive whiteboards are the workhorses of any school’s e-learning journey. But you can take the digital experience even further with some specialist assistance.

Photo Review: It’s Xpo time

We had a great three days in Christchurch, Rotorua and Auckland. Thanks to everyone who came along and participated at INTERFACE Xpo 2013.

Making the case for choosing Chromebooks

Auckland’s Carmel College has run a successful BYOD programmes for several years. But a combination of cost, performance and looks has convinced it to start rolling out Google Acer C7 Chromebooks, writes Lee Suckling.

California learnin’

What’s e-learning like in the USA’s Golden State? Tania Coutts and Brett Cribb report back from the annual EDTour to observe and experience the direction of teaching and learning in California.

Donation gives chance for a digital classroom

Last year, Moturoa School decided to set up a digital classroom. They had an idea of what they wanted and some computers donated by a local business. The rest they took one step at a time, as Wade Scott explains.

Lesson Ideas

13.13 – Digital Signatures: Create two types of signature images

13.14 – Your school in moving pictures: Plan, film, edit and publish a slideshow video

13.15 – Options with audio: Four ways to use sound in the classroom

13.16 – Talking on the telephone: Improve verbal communications through pretend phone conversations

In the Sandbox: Kaikoura Suburban School

File Share

Archify, Draft, Dispostable, Newspaper Map, Wordtamer, Book drum, Make My Plate, Forensic Outreach, Titanic Interactive, Famous Speeches, and more.

One-minute guide:

Creating online forums

Online carbon calculators


Finding out about the world’s tallest mountain

Mobile Apps

From the back of the class: Is BYOD bad for you?

Educationalist Bruce Dixon is a pioneer of computer education and has helped numerous schools around the world achieve a 1:1 environment. However, speaking at the recent Adobe Education Summit he’s not convinced by BYOD and warns it’s not the way forward, writes Lee Davis.

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