Taking exams online

Ever wondered what it would be like for a computer to mark exams for you? Strathallen College has been testing exam software that does just that and more, writes Matthew Humber. There are wide ranging debates amongst educational institutions as to the validity of online examinations, the focus […]

Starting a school’s ICT from scratch

Stonefields School in Auckland is one of the country’s newest, having opened its doors at the start of this term. What technology lies behind them? Greg Adams takes a look. What choices would you make about your school’s ICT if you could start from scratch? It’s an intriguing […]

Finding the energy to switch devices off

How ‘green’ is the electrical consumption by ICT equipment at your school? David Kinane investigates how to save power and why schools should kick the ‘stand by’ culture. Getting computers, digital cameras, printers, scanners, mobile phones, etc., has an initial up-front cost impact for all schools. Once purchased, […]