Issue 94 – Term 2, July 2019

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2021)

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Inside this issue …

  • INTERFACE News and Views
  • Noticeboard
  • ETV offers new creation and sharing options with V.5
  • What is The Tahi Rua Toru Tech Challenge?
  • Don’t just watch, interact and learn with EVA
    ETV’s Enhanced Video Annotation (EVA) facilitates students moving beyond mild entertainment, to interacting with the video and actively learning while watching.
  • Reader Survey: Thanks for telling us what you think!
    How are you using digital technology? What are the biggest challenges? What e-learning opportunities would you like to see? Well, now we have a pretty good idea thanks to your answers to our Reader Survey.
  • Special feature: When’s kick off for eSports in schools?
    With interest and access growing rapidly, eSports are starting to become more accepted as organised activities in schools. They’re not only popular and engaging but also help develop many physical, mental and social skills, as well as promote a positive school identity. Should you be looking to take part?
  • New idea lends itself to sharing STEAM resources
    Set up at the end of last year, a new ‘lending library’ style initiative is enabling a group of schools in Porirua to meet the challenges of the DT/HM Curriculum by sharing robots, microprocessors and other STEAM resources.
  • Adding binary code to the languages of Vanuatu
    When Brittany Teei founded KidsCoin, she didn’t stop there. Next came digital upskilling programme 3BF, followed by PIP STEM. Most recently, she was invited to share her knowledge and experience with students in Vanuatu.
  • Books
  • Lesson Ideas: Junocam; The Making of You and Me; Coding with Morse Code; and Eva.Stories
  • File Share Four pages of online resources
  • Competitions Some great prizes to be won!
  • Report analyses 126 studies on technology in learning
    What impact does digital technology have on education? How do we understand what all the different research is really saying? One study aims to provide the definitive answer by analysing what’s gone
  • Events Diary

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