Issue 12 – Term 4, Nov 2008


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Developing a strategy to teach digital technology
Tracy Bowker talks to INTERFACE about the Digital Technologies Guidelines (DTG) and delivering coherent teaching and learning programmes.Some things you must try this summer
Looking to extend your use of Web 2.0 tools? Here are a few suggestions to try… and by next term you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!Interview: Ignore copyright and you’ll end up in court
Are you using copyright material? NZFACT’s Tony Eaton talks to us about the perils of piracy and how teachers can help.

Would you look good with a mini?
They might be small but they’re looming large in the thinking of many schools. Are they for you? INTERFACE investigates the rise of the ‘mini’ laptop.

Review: ULearn 08

Two-minute guide: Skype

10 simple steps to your first blog
In the first of a three part series on blogging, Allanah King explains how to begin.

Getting Started
Everything you ever wanted to know about YouTube

Safer archiving for your digital photos
Struggling to keep those endless picture files under control? The good news is there are several options available for storing digital images – but there are some issues to consider, too.

Meet the HP TouchSmart PC
Is touching the next big thing? Will touch screen technology really mean the end of the mouse? We asked Belinda Johnston to check out the new HP TouchSmart PC.

From the back of the class: Enjoying a spirit of friendship
After 10 years with the Ministry’s e-learning team, Murray Brown is leaving for pastures new. From clusters to TKI, he’s done more than most to help shape ICT in our schools, writes Greg Adams.

Case studies
Meadowbank School: Blogging turns student’s home into a classroom
Flight simulation – 3D modelling

Lesson plans
27. Creating an animated aquarium
28. Joining the social networking revolution

Ask the Teacher @ Kaeo Primary School

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