Paying for your technology

It’s a question facing many schools looking to upgrade their ICT. Should you buy or lease your technology? David Maida investigates. When sourcing ICT equipment for your school, the decision to buy or lease has become as important as what equipment you choose. Not only are there financial […]

Enjoying the best of both worlds

Worried about combining Macs and PCs on the same network? Peter Griffin finds there’s much to be said for ‘getting over it’ and match-making computing’s two main rival platforms. The Apple Mac has been making its mark in New Zealand schools since the humble Apple IIe started appearing […]

Involving students in everything we do

 Comments |  Print |     After speaking at the World Convention of the International Confederation of Principals in Auckland recently, Marc Prensky had a few words with INTERFACE. Marc Prensky is not a man to mince his words. He admits he became a teacher to avoid the Vietnam draft. He likens teaching to […]