Pond: less time planning, more time on the important stuff, teaching

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2014)

INTERFACE - Issue 58, Sep 2014 - Pond, less time planning, more time on the important stuff, teaching_001When N4L asked teachers what they need the most, their answer was “more time”. Time to plan, to be inspired to inspire and, most importantly, time to teach and engage with their students. Pond helps teachers save time planning while being inspired by what other teachers are doing.

Over 1300 educators are now in Pond and this number is constantly growing with Pond ever expanding. That means 1300 teachers from up and down the country can share and recommend resources – no more reinventing the wheel.

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 How do I get into Pond now?

  • Get invited in by someone already in Pond
  • Join the self-manage Make a Splash programme and get your school, department or curriculum group into Pond
  • Participate in Connected Educator Month and complete all of the tasks designed to connect you to other educators within Pond.


N4L’s ICT Advisory Service

Maximise the benefits of your Managed Network connection.

If you’re thinking about implementing a new technology solution, or have some questions about your current solution, take advantage of N4L‘s new ICT Advisory Service.

Available to all schools connected to the N4L Managed Network, and funded by the Ministry of Education, the ICT Advisory service gives schools the information and advice they need to make good decisions about technology and further realise the benefits of being connected to the Managed Network

To request advice visit or call 0800 LEARNING


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