Results prove programme accelerates maths learning

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2014)

Last year, we reported on Pt England School’s decision to introduce teaching tool Maths-Whizz. Fast forward 12 months and its use is showing impressive results.

What impact is Maths-Whizz having on learning outcomes at Pt England School? Well, the analysis of results is showing some remarkable improvements as maths teacher Ted Barks explains.

“The 30 students in my class were assessed for their Maths-Whizz age at the start of the year. The results to date show the majority have accelerated their learning beyond what would normally be expected.

“Forty-three per cent of my students are performing at one-and-a-half times their maths age; 25 per cent are at one-and-a-quarter times. The top performer is on course for a 2.6 year increase for the year.”

These impressive achievements are echoed across the school. Data analysis of performance shows students using the Maths-Whizz programme for 60 minutes or more per week have accelerated their maths age faster than their chronological age, as well as improved e-assTTle and GloSS assessments. Even just 30 minutes a week is showing significant gains.




Emphasis on learning

“The longer I use Maths Whizz, the more I trust it,” said Barks. “It’s very dependable. We are seeing close correlation between Maths-Whizz performance and improvement, and progress and achievement in e-assTTle and GloSS.

“For me, however, it’s not just about the programme, it’s about the power of the data that’s given on a variety of levels. I can see at a glance where students are struggling and provide additional support.”

One aspect that Barks has focused on this year is student improvement, as opposed to simply measuring time on the programme. Feedback he’s given to the company has led to design changes that’s improved this even more.

“Students aim to use it for 15 to 20 minutes a day,” he said. “The big thing I’ve been working on is looking to improvements, pulling the emphasis of purely time on the programme to acceleration in learning.

“The great thing about the creators of Maths-Whizz is that they welcome feedback and are open-minded to suggestions. It’s all about empowering students as learners and being able to have individualised learning goals. Maths-Whizz certainly achieves that – and more. I can’t imagine life without it.”  

Ted Barks is a Year 7/8 class teacher at Pt England School in Auckland.

Maths-Whizz impresses at Mangawhai Beach School

“I’ve found Maths-Whizz to be an incredible tool and it’s producing excellent results. It takes just a few minutes to track how students are progressing and their confidence in maths is so much better.”

Aaron Kemp, Principal

“I think Maths-Whizz has made a huge difference to the way children respond to their maths learning, in particular their progress. They’re always eager to see if they’ve made their ‘green tick’ – the indicator that shows their improvement for the report period – and some compete to achieve the most improved in the class for each week.”

Jaimee Fletcher, Classroom Teacher

“As a result of actively using Maths-Whizz in the classroom, I have observed an incredible shift in attitude toward maths learning. As independent learning is catered for through individualised programmes, my time is even more invested in working with children to close very specific gaps in their learning.

“Maths-Whizz creates a classroom culture where learning maths is fun – and if children are relaxed and happy, they’re a lot more willing to learn! I’m in my 18th year of teaching and I have never seen such motivation for learning maths and, to be honest, I wouldn’t want to teach without it now.”

Fiona Hett, Syndicate Leader









About Maths-Whizz

Maths-Whizz is an online tutoring service that uses interactive maths animations and data analysis to deliver measurable results. The program includes resources, activities and games that support maths numeracy programmes and raise skills in primary and early secondary maths.

For more information about Maths-Whizz contact iLearn at or visit for more information or to see the full report on
Pt England School.

Or call 09 431 4466.

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