Far better hi-tech access needed to improve pupil results

Irish schools need “vastly improved access” to modern computer equipment if our students are to achieve better results in international student assessment tests, the Teachers Union of Ireland (TUI) has said. The union was responding today to the lacklustre performance by Irish 15-year-olds in tests for problem-solving compared to […]

Lack of internet access affecting education

The Smith Family has said a lack of access to a home computer and the internet among disadvantaged families could undermine the successful implementation of school curriculums. In its submission to the federal government’s Australian curriculum review, the national children’s education charity said the curriculum along with schools, […]

Windows XP is officially no longer supported

Microsoft has stopped its support of the Windows XP operating system worldwide. Windows XP still runs on approximately a quarter of a million PCs in New Zealand and Microsoft is urging the remaining New Zealand consumers still running the 12-year old software to upgrade their system immediately to […]

Study finds Wi-Fi is safe in schools

Wi-fi in schools is safe according to a new Ministry of Health study. Associate Minister of Health Jo Goodhew welcomed the report which she said confirmed wi-fi in schools was not a health risk to pupils or staff, with exposures many thousands of times lower than the relevant […]

Microsoft unveils iPad Office suite

Microsoft has started offering an iPad edition of its Office software suite. It was announced at the first launch event hosted by Satya Nadella since he became chief executive of the firm. Three separate productivity apps are available – Word, Excel and Powerpoint – each of which has been […]

Sunshine powers Uganda’s school computers

Turning on a computer shouldn’t be that difficult. Except if you don’t have any power supply. Most rural schools in Uganda don’t have mains electricity or any other reliable power, leaving them cut off from learning about modern technology. So while the education world is awash with talk about […]

Use iPads and Kindles to get infants to read

Parents should turn to smartphones, iPads and Kindles to get young children interested in reading amid concerns that growing numbers of infants are rejecting books, a major charity has warned. Research by the National Literacy Trust has found that technology can have a “new and important” role to […]