Being Bike Wise 101: Cycling inspiration for you

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2015)

The Bike Wise team understands being a teacher is a busy job, so a menu of resources and links are available to help you inspire your students to find out more about cycling. Here’s a taste of what’s on offer.

The future of cycling

Get your students thinking about cycling in the future: what does cycling in the future look like? Will more people use electric bikes? Will there be new types of bikes? Where will bikes be parked?

Visit Virgin Disruptor’s ‘What is the future of cycling in cities?’
for examples, such as SkyCycle and Hovenring (

Types of cycling

Ask your students to explore the various forms of cycling and how they can get involved. Discussion points can include:

Image of the bike used;

Description of the type of cycling;

Image of someone doing the activity – it could be a friend, someone in your community or a cycling star like Julian Dean or Sarah Walker;

What you like about this type of cycling; and

How to get involved.bikewise-3

Get creative with cycling

Consider making cycling interesting by getting your students creative:

Write and create images for a magical bicycle journey using aliens and friends;

Using a cycling poster from the internet write a poem that tells people about the picture;

Design a ‘pick a path’ game about cycling around your local area using Google; and

Write and illustrate a 10-step comic strip description for fixing a tyre on a bike.

Bikes in Schools

‘Bikes in Schools’ is a programme whose goal is to get school children riding bikes in school, in a safe environment. Enabled through the Bike On NZ Charitable Trust, bike tracks are built in school grounds and supported with new bikes and helmets. The programme also helps schools establish bike storage facilities and find a bike coach to introduce the programme and teach basic riding skills. You can find out more at

Design your own school bike track

Lastly, you could create a project to make a 3D track using found materials or perhaps use Minecraft or Scratch to create a track. Once you have designed your bike track, show your principal and then share it with the Bike Wise team.  

For more information, advice and resources for safer cycling check out ‘Bike Wise 101 – resources for teachers’ at

PDF of printable poster

Download the popular NZ Transport Agency ‘Hike It, Bike It, Scoot It, Skate it’ poster.


Useful links

Find examples of New Zealand students work on cycling –

Share with parents, whanau and caregivers six things they should do before sending their children to school by bike –

Visit the NZ Police School portal for heaps of interesting cycling stories –

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