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Rules about tech use can impact academic success

Parents who restrict their children’s use of new media technologies may be acting counterproductively as their child’s academic performance could suffer as a result, a University of Zurich study shows. This article is exclusive to the print version of INTERFACE Magazine. To read more you can subscribe at Subscriptions […]

Does technology translate to language learning success?

Learning a language isn’t easy. But digital technology is playing an increasingly useful role in providing both engaging and authentic ways to do it. This article is exclusive to the print version of INTERFACE Magazine. To read more you can subscribe at Subscriptions start from just $1 a copy! […]

Linewize ensures cyber safety in the digital age

Keeping students safe and focused, while delivering digital learning and modern exploratory pedagogy, is a significant challenge for schools – but one that can be faced with confidence thanks to Linewize by Family Zone.  According to the latest statistics from the Pew Research Center, more than 95 per […]

Join with Digital Circus on your digital journey

Who is Digital Circus? We developed Digital Circus to provide encouragement and support to educators so that they could learn how to deliver digital technology within the learning environment. Now, as a nationwide PLD provider, we are very fortunate to have a team of Ministry of Education accredited […]

Minecraft mod shakes up earthquake education

Skeleton horses and killer bunnies may not be traditional learning tools but Te Papa’s new mod for Minecraft is using them to teach important lessons about earthquake safety.  Te Papa and the Earthquake Commission (EQC) are hoping to shake up how kids learn about earthquakes by developing a […]

Free Stuff in July’s issue

In every issue of INTERFACE, ‘File Share’, ‘Lesson Ideas’ and elsewhere feature a range of free tools and resources that teachers can use in their classrooms to make the digital journey easier and more attainable. Latest in File Share: Issue 100, July 2020 There are 36 free tools […]

WIN a USB Mug Warmer

  How often do you make yourself a hot drink, only to forget about it and come back to a stone-cold cuppa? Well, no more. That’s right, no more tepid tea or cold coffee! Wave goodbye to not-so-hot chocolate and slightly warm soup, thanks to the ‘USB Mug […]

Win Help! My students write like they text

IMHO, LOL, OIC, OMG. If you’ve read students’ writing recently, chances are you’ve come across terms like these. If you’re becoming more and more perplexed to see them using texting talk in their homework and writing assignments, help is at hand. In this book, English teacher Jennifer French […]

Could you be a Code Champions school?

Code Champions is a new initiative supported by INTERFACE that’s offering after-school computer programming. After a successful first year, it’s looking for schools where it can host coding classes. “We hold courses at schools but deal directly with parents,” said Greg Adams, Publisher of INTERFACE and founder of Code […]

VR + maths = mind blowing!

Known for his digital innovation and creativity in teaching, the Microsoft HoloLens team knew Subash Chandar K was just the person to try out Virtual Reality with his maths class – and the results were amazing.  “Virtual Reality is something that’s interested me for a long time – […]

Come inside the classroom of the future

While Virtual Reality has been on many educators’ radars for a while, it has gained prominence in the last few years as the technology evolves, and gear and content become more readily available. What part can VR play in education and where will it take learning in years […]

‘Digital Passport’ for your new curriculum journey

The Mind Lab by Unitec has launched ‘Digital Passport’, a new video-based learning platform that aims to empower and enable teachers to get the best from the new Ministry’s Digital Technologies Curriculum. This article is exclusive to the print version of INTERFACE Magazine. To read more you can subscribe […]