Linewize ensures cyber safety in the digital age

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2018)

Keeping students safe and focused, while delivering digital learning and modern exploratory pedagogy, is a significant challenge for schools – but one that can be faced with confidence thanks to Linewize by Family Zone. 

According to the latest statistics from the Pew Research Center, more than 95 per cent of teenagers have access to a smartphone; by Year 9 the majority of secondary school students are bringing smartphones to school.

Smartphones are bridging the digital divide, becoming cheaper by the day. VPN use is mainstream in secondary schools, and with more students on data plans it is relatively easy to bypass default school internet filtering. Schools need a solution that provides effective technology to enforce acceptable use policies, they need tools to support student wellbeing and digital citizenship programs, and most importantly tools which support parents, but don’t require the school to absorb parental responsibility. That solution is Family Zone and Linewize.

Family Zone is an ASX-listed global leader in cyber safety services. The company has built the world’s first cyber safety ecosystem incorporating technology that works on any device and on any network, and with education and wellbeing built-in. In 2017, Family Zone merged with New Zealand edu-tech innovator Linewize to embed its world-class school network technology into the platform.

Choice and control

Dealing with the issue of mobile devices in schools requires a collaborative approach between schools and the school community. The wrap-around ecosystem approach from Family Zone enables cyber safety anywhere, any time on any device. The solution can be installed on any device students may bring or use at school, regardless of the internet connection: laptops, tablets and smartphones; personal or learning.

This technology integrates with Linewize on the school network to ensure school policy is always enforced during school time. After school, it’s up to parents, as Family Zone seamlessly transitions responsibility, choice and control to them. The Family Zone platform includes world leading VPN and malfeasance detection technology, constantly scanning usage and devices to detect violations and hazards and providing schools with effective control. Included are comprehensive student wellbeing tools including reporting on usage, internet searches, videos viewed, risky apps installed and risky behaviours undertaken.

Because the service can be installed on any device, staff obtain unparalleled insights into behaviours and risks. Insights that empower the school to deal with issues before their consequences.

Challenge of mobility

Tim Levy, founder and Managing Director of Family Zone is passionate about cyber safety and driven by a vision in which parents, children and education are embedded into an effective approach to digital citizenship. A model which offers choice and control but supports education and agency.

“A school’s core responsibility is educational outcomes. Schools have a fundamental duty to keep students safe. Today, both these objectives are challenged by the advent of mobility. It’s the challenges of the use of personal devices at school and the use of learning devices at home.

“Addressing these challenges requires a holistic approach, one that engages the parent community but doesn’t consume school resources. This is Family Zone Education Solutions.”

For more information on Family Zone Education Solutions call Linewize on 09 888 9285 or email



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