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(Last Updated On: June 19, 2018)

Who is Digital Circus?

We developed Digital Circus to provide encouragement and support to educators so that they could learn how to deliver digital technology within the learning environment. Now, as a nationwide PLD provider, we are very fortunate to have a team of Ministry of Education accredited facilitators ready to help teachers and schools embrace digital technology.

Why do you need Digital Circus?

With the introduction of the new Digital Technologies Curriculum, we now have an opportunity to inspire and nurture creativity and allow students to demonstrate their learning using technology that will prepare them for future employment.

Digital Circus supports a growing number of teachers, schools, kura and Ka-hui Ako, and can assist senior management to plan the integration and implementation of the new curriculum. We also deliver PLD to teachers of Years 1-13.

We are firm believers in students being at the centre of learning and where possible, introducing authentic, real-world tasks to enhance it. We try to instil a ‘Growth Mindset’, so that students can embrace challenge and not fear failure. We model that mindset and modify our practice constantly to ensure students are developing skills that’ll make them highly successful participants in today’s society.

How can Digital Circus help?

With so many different digital tools, platforms and approaches available, it can be a bit of a minefield for busy educators. Digital Circus have extensive knowledge of these tools and can help teachers develop an approach that is right for their school.

As teachers, we know ourselves that it’s a struggle to find the time, with little or no budget to make change. Often teachers feel isolated and unsupported. Digital Circus addresses this: and 95 per cent of our support is completely free to schools, regardless of your geographical location.

Contact Digital Circus to find out more

The new curriculum will be implemented in schools by 2020. However, this is not just about robot platforms or completing a series of digital activities; it’s about nurturing a new way of thinking and problem solving, empowering students to create new and meaningful outcomes using a variety of carefully selected digital tools, that enhance learning.

We’re very proud of the difference we are making and the expertise we bring to the classroom. As Digital Circus continues to grow, we are inviting highly-skilled teachers to join our team. We are facilitating educators to include the Digital Technology curriculum in their teaching and simplifying the transition.

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