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(Last Updated On: September 10, 2015)

etvWaitakere College was the first school in New Zealand to sign up Zaption. It saw its combination with eTV as the perfect solution for storing, manage and actively using video content, says Lee Devenish.

Why did you choose to use eTV? 

It looked like a really powerful tool to engage students and enhance learning, especially within a BYOD environment.

What do you see the main benefits?

We know there’s heaps of great content available on YouTube and various other TV and video channels. However, finding it can be a massive task! And then, sometimes it’s taken down when you do want to use it.

We’re really happy that eTV content runs off New Zealand-based servers and doesn’t delete content. This makes it a far more reliable, faster streaming storage unit for curated video content. We also like the fact that eTV is specifically education focused, which means content is recommended and selected by educators with that in mind. This quality control is a real bonus. As eTV is picked up and used by more schools, some of the other features like the related content section will gain greater relevance.

square logo 250x250What attracted you to Zaption and how are you using it?

We see Zaption as a solution that’s really going to take video from being a passive activity students to one where they’re fully engaged with content. Our media studies teacher is particularly excited about having students create Zaption tours for film analysis.

Any challenges using the eTV and Zaption services?

As we are the first school in New Zealand to sign up, we have been a bit of a test case. Everyone’s signed up and getting used to it. Hopefully, our experience makes it easier for other schools that join us.

We have learnt during the transition to BYOD that although it may not work the first time, it eventually will. Manawanui – patience, dedication and commitment – is key!

What would be your advice for making best use of eTV and Zaption?

Start producing your own video content. Keep in contact with eTV’s Campbell Downie and Kerry Leaf. They’re always helpful and enthusiastic!

What would be your advice to schools thinking about signing up?

Got for it! We are still in the early stages of learning what it’s capable of but so far, so good.

Lee Devenish is Teacher in Charge of Photography, Assistant Head of Art Department and e-Learning Facilitator at Waitakere College in Auckland.


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