Violin via videoconference

If you’re in a rural school, chances are music lessons are not that easy to come by. So, if you have a budding Dame Kiri or Neil Finn growing up in your classroom – or kids who just want to give a musical instrument a try – what […]

New curriculum, new responsibilities for e-learning

There’s plenty to consider in the new curriculum from an e-learning perspective. How will it affect teachers and their use of technology? We asked the Ministry’s Sarah Jones to outline its impact on ICT in the classroom. The New Zealand Curriculum (English medium) gives new emphasis to the […]

Is the classroom cramping your style?

The best technology provides support without drawing attention to itself, according to design innovation specialist Sean McDougall. Here he talks to INTERFACE editor Greg Adams about the perils of “totally archaic” classrooms. How important is the physical space where teaching and learning takes place? Most people will agree […]

Looking for new ways to search

Sixty per cent of all Internet searches are made on Google – its nearest rival Yahoo! only attracts 14 per cent and Microsoft a paltry four per cent. Google is king … but for how long? INTERFACE Editor Greg Adams investigates. To Google or not to Google? For […]

Looking the picture of health

Chris Parsons has an eye-catching red sofa in his office – and it’s there for a very good reason (besides sitting on). Relaxed, smiling, comfortable, and happy. You can see the principal of the Southern Regional Health School is a convert to videoconferencing (VC) – and that’s the […]

A new lease on tech life

Need to buy some ICT kit but don’t have the cash? Leasing is a way you can have something without having to buy it outright. What’s the catch? Here are 10 things you should know about leasing. 1. Almost any equipment can be leased Desktop computers, laptops, servers, […]

Recognising and making the difference

Teacher, educational technologist, blogger, consultant, father and keynote speaker at ULearn07. INTERFACE quizzes Ewan McIntosh about having the knack to spot when technology might add something to the classroom. In the early part of his teaching career, Ewan McIntosh “unashamedly” admits to using the “fireworks that technology could […]

The accidental ICT manager

Not everyone looking after computers has a professional ICT background. David Maida meets the teachers who ‘know a bit’ and have ‘fallen into’ the role of keeping their school’s technology up and running. David Day is one of a special group of people. Officially, his job title is […]

Paying for your technology

It’s a question facing many schools looking to upgrade their ICT. Should you buy or lease your technology? David Maida investigates. When sourcing ICT equipment for your school, the decision to buy or lease has become as important as what equipment you choose. Not only are there financial […]

Enjoying the best of both worlds

Worried about combining Macs and PCs on the same network? Peter Griffin finds there’s much to be said for ‘getting over it’ and match-making computing’s two main rival platforms. The Apple Mac has been making its mark in New Zealand schools since the humble Apple IIe started appearing […]

Involving students in everything we do

 Comments |  Print |     After speaking at the World Convention of the International Confederation of Principals in Auckland recently, Marc Prensky had a few words with INTERFACE. Marc Prensky is not a man to mince his words. He admits he became a teacher to avoid the Vietnam draft. He likens teaching to […]