Save and upgrade with a special deal from Ruckus

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2014)

Installing or upgrading wireless APs? Ruckus is giving you the chance to make a big saving on its latest, next generation equipment.

All you have to do is buy an eligible Ruckus ZoneFlex 802.11n AP – there are four models to choose from, 7982, 7372, 7363 ad 7962 – before 31 March. This will qualify you to purchase the new R700 ZoneFlex 802.11ac at a more than 50 per cent discount of standard list price (one for each 802.11n AP you buy).

The Ruckus 79 82 is currently the highest performing indoor AP and is a device that will future proof your school for complex BYOD deployments. However, the 802.11ac standard is the latest advancement in Wi-Fi and builds on existing functionality from 802.11n. Early adopters will get the additional benefits of:

  • Maximum data rates near 7 Gbps (double existing speeds);
  • 5GHz Spectrum only for a cleaner signal;
  • Ruckus Adaptive Antenna Technology; and
  • The only 8 02.11ac AP compatible with current POE standard (so no need to upgrade your current switch).

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