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Facing up to what’s said online

Recently Diocesan School for Girls suspended a number of Year 10 students for making derogatory comments on social networking site Facebook. How would you deal with a situation like this? Here’s what some INTERFACEreaders had to say on the matter. “I think it was good for the school to […]

Grants give go ahead for innovation

Last year’s Unisys Kidz Connect initiative handed out $1,000 cash grants to primary school teachers. Here’s how three of them spent their money. Project: Little Language Experts Name: Amanda Signal School: Elm Park School Little Language Experts was a collaborative languages project that took place between Jess McCulloch’s […]

Making the most out of mobile

What are the potential uses and pitfalls for mobile phones in the classroom? E-fellow Toni Twiss used her research time to find out. The technological capabilities of mobile technology such as cellphones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are developing at a furious pace. While today’s Web-capable mobile devices […]

Securing your software future

Deal or no deal? Whatever ends up happening with the Microsoft Schools Agreement, now’s the time to take control of your software, writes Greg Adams. “Before the Microsoft Schools Agreement, my ICT expansion policies were determined by the cost of licensing the software on the computers in my […]

Finding ways to save & prosper

Technology doesn’t come cheap. Thankfully, there are ways to make your tech dollar go further. Greg Adams finds some practical ways to ensure your ICT spending is worth every cent … and more. Money’s always tight in schools and it pays to make the most of what you […]

Do you need provoking to use technology?

The successful use of ICT in teaching is as much about engagement and curiosity as it is about technology believes education specialist Bruce Dixon. In your experience, what’s stopping teachers using technology? I think it’s a misconception that teachers themselves are challenged by technology. What they’re challenged by, […]

Engaging students with Xbox 360

Late last year, Southwell School was selected for a Microsoft Innovative Schools Pilot Project. Its winning proposal, Colab, is investigating the potential of online gaming as a way of engaging students in deep learning. Jo Wilson explains how it’s going. The work of Mark Prensky, Lisa Garlaneau and […]

Are teachers responsible for cyberbullying in classrooms?

Nearly half of all kids have been bullied online. Cybersafety expert Marian Merritt talks to us about the “enormously important” role teachers have to play in keeping students safe. What’s so wrong with the Internet? There’s nothing wrong with the Internet – the problems on the Internet are […]

Ministry invests in standards-based LMS

INTERFACE talks to Paul Seiler about the Ministry of Education’s review of managed learning environments and its plans to develop more standards-based LMS solutions in New Zealand schools. What is a Managed Learning Environment (MLE)? The Ministry of Education regards a managed learning environment (MLE) as the collection […]

Showcasing Hamilton to the world

When Hamilton City Council wanted to showcase their city to the world, they found Peachgrove Intermediate School had the perfect tool in the digital storytelling software MARVIN, as Sharee Richardson and David Woodcock explain. It’s not always easy for teachers to step out of their comfort zone and […]

Developing a strategy to teach digital technology

What are the aims of the Digital Technologies Guidelines (DTG)? INTERFACE talks to Tracy Bowker about delivering coherent digital technology teaching and learning programmes. What are the Digital Technologies Guidelines (DTG)? The DTG project is one of a series of initiatives by the Ministry of Education to support […]