Epson unveils research showing how display size matters

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2017)

Epson has announced new findings by Radius Global Market Research that evaluated the readability of content displayed on 70-inch screens in average-sized classrooms in Singapore and the UK.

According to the two surveys, more than 50 per cent of students in each country found that contents displayed on 70-inch screens was difficult to read, with more than half of students writing down at least one item incorrectly from a 70-inch screen.

In the UK study, students aged 12 to 22 were asked to read typical educational content including charts and text-based information displayed on a top-selling 70-inch flat panel in a traditional 8.3 m by 8.4 m classroom, and then write down six short items of information based on what they saw.

“The results support the ‘4/6/8 rule’ for display size recommendations,” said Epson Australia’s Business Division General Manager Craig Heckenberg. “This rule is a long-standing informal guideline commonly used by AV integrators and installers for determining the appropriate sized displays for different environments including classrooms, conference rooms and large venues. See below for more information about the surveys and the 4/6/8 rule.

“When it comes to choosing the best display for your classroom, it is important that it’s large enough so every student in the room can clearly read what’s on it. This is absolutely critical to each student’s success. Designed with educator input, the new EB-710Ui and other Epson advanced interactive display and projector technologies make bright, collaborative learning environments a reality.”

New laser ultra-short throw projectors

The research findings are revealed as Epson announces its latest generation of ultra-short -throw laser projectors designed to enhance the quality of educational learning. The new Epson EB-710Ui laser ultra-short throw projector that will be rolled out worldwide from the end of October, can provide:

  • better visibility in the classroom for images in large sizes of up to 100 inches;
  • 4,000 lm of brightness;
  • WUXGA resolution;
  • laser light source to provide consistent performance and frees customers from lamp replacement concerns;
  • 2,500,000:1 contrast; and
  • Pen and finger interactive

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